koichi nishiyama 西山功一

ambiguity 曖昧さ
exhibition at Gallery G-77, Kyoto. 2020

Gallery G-77は、グリット構造の京都の街中にある。その周辺には、時の洗礼を感じさせるテクスチャーと、日本中のどこででも見れるテクスチャーが混在している。そしてグリッドの中には、歯が抜けたように空き地が点在している。
この展示ではギャラリー周辺の街の構造と、展示する写真の中の構造を、曖昧さを軸にして連続性を持たせて空間を構成し、ここだけにしかない形式を作り出す。 それは限られた時に限られた場所で写真を展示することについて、もう一度考えることでもある。

Cities and living spaces are usually built rationally and orderly. However, windows, facades or buildings’ intersections could be conceived as neutral buffer zones with loose order where outside and inside spaces meet each other. Such spaces could be quite vague and ambiguous.
This project was born out of the idea to show how “light” and “plants” may often be present beyond human intentions in such ambiguous places.
Gallery G-77 is located in the center of Kyoto, which has a grid-structure and is surrounded by a mixture of historical and modern textures. Such modern textures could be seen anywhere in Japan. And some empty lots in this grid are scattered like missing teeth.
In this exhibition, the artist is aiming to unite the structure of the city around the Gallery and ambiguous structures shown in the works on display. Through this endeavor the artist provides a new meaning and creates a unique format of the gallery space. Thus, space is perceived through the event -the exhibition- that happens within it over time.
It is also an attempt to reconsider the way of having an "exhibiting photographs" which is usually held in a limited place and time.