koichi nishiyama 西山功一

XX 2015   inkjet print, alminum, pexiglas. installation Art Trace Gallery, Tokyo

2015 yokohama inkjet print,gataform bord. Open Studio BankART1929, Yokohama

2015 spring 2014-   inkjet print,gataform bord. installation Art Trace Gallery, Tokyo

I take a photograph of buildings in a residential area on outskirts of Tokyo where I live.
Buildings are something familier and reticent. That was the perfect subject to reconsider about the experience of aspect.
I’ve been trying to find out some sort of relevance from the collection of plane images but then I realized that I have to reconstruct the method, using photographic images, to approach “seeing by light” To deviate from photo frame became the turning point in my work.
After a continuous trial and error, I then gain a sequence to space approaching buildings, the subject of this work.