koichi nishiyama 西山功一

  • 巨人が長らく留守にしていた家に帰ってみると、庭で子供たちが遊びまわっていた。

    When the Giant came back his home, many children was playing in his garden.
    He drived away them. So Spring never come in there. But one day, he saw a little boy.
    The Giant saw that he was selfish.
    Children came back to his garden, Spring too. And he get old......

    Director: Tomoko Oshika Editor,Filming: Koichi Nishiyama    Anima Kaigi >>

“The Selfish Giant” 2005 (puppet animation)

“Atopic Site” Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo 1996 (installation)

“Thank You from The Hill” Ikuta hospital, kawasaki 1994 (planning of exhibition, sculpture)

“Our NICAF Yokohama” Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama 1993 (Performance)

“We are loved most in the world” Parthenon Tama, Tokyo 1992 (Performance)