koichi nishiyama 西山功一

I take a photograph of buildings in a residential area on outskirts of Tokyo where I live.
Buildings are something familier and reticent. That was the perfect subject to reconsider about the experience of aspect.
I’ve been trying to find out some sort of relevance from the collection of plane images but then I realized that I have to reconstruct the method, using photographic images, to approach “seeing by light” To deviate from photo frame became the turning point in my work.
After a continuous trial and error, I then gain a sequence to space approaching buildings, the subject of this work.


These photos were taken in the suburb of Tokyo where I happen to be in.
Overlapping the surface of the walls, the metals and the plastics in my photos fade away what I used feel toward them and generate new idea.
Is it unrelatedness making me take photos of similar spots over and over doesn’t seems to be end.
Photographic technology, the distortion of the light on the surface through lens and electronics is still beyond the personal intention.

Planarity is a puzzle computer game by John Tantalo, based on a concept by Mary Radcliffe at Western Michigan University.[1] The name comes from the concept of planar graphs in graph theory; these are graphs that can be embedded in the Euclidean plane so that no edges intersect. By Fa´ry's theorem, if a graph is planar, it can be drawn without crossings so that all of its edges are straight line segments. In the planarity game, the player is presented with a circular layout of a planar graph, with all the vertices placed on a single circle and with many crossings. The goal for the player is to eliminate all of the crossings and construct a straight-line embedding of the graph by moving the vertices one by one into better positions. - Wikipedia
March 2014


"strawberry wine” The exhibition will take place at Gallery 10:06 in Osaka from 26th April.
26th April is the day my sister committed suicide 5 years ago.
In my opinion, I want art works to be existed in somewhere beyond personal matters of creators rather than writing personal matters in order to dignify to their works.
Coincidently, the photo I placed on DM was taken on the day 5 years ago.
There might be many coincidences and relations that I can’t imagine in this world as a matter of course.
I thought it is good opportunity to write about it in the place like this.

When she past away, there’s only few belongings left in her bedroom because she had thrown away most of them.
There’s an empty dark room left behind.
It was very hard for me and the family member to know what had happened to her because She had erased her traces.
It’s only my imagination that it couldn’t make any sense by knowing or sharing over what had happened.
And it seems to to be impossible to have dramatic endings for me and the family member.

It is newly arranged and a new title, however most of the photographs had shown at the exhibition in Tokyo, last autumn.
The title and article are not a description of my works as previous exhibition.

4月26日から大阪のギャラリー10:06でstrawberry wineというタイトルの展示をします。 



April 2014

There was a forest near the house where I lived when I was a child.
When the forest existed, I felt the connection with a deep part in the world there.
However, the forest was destroyed in a long term, and only the process of the loss and its memory were kept in my mind.
I am living in a place which is a little distant from there at the present day.
When I look at the scenery in periphery of the city where I live, I can see a new contemporary scenery which overlaps with the past scenery.
I keep walking and roaming around the place until it leads me to my destination.
And the subdued light is shining on the space which illuminates my memory in the past.
At that time, I realize that I can regain the connection with the world.